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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Jeff’s Next Page is 5 years old!

So, I missed it yesterday, but this blog is half a decade old. 

Back when I was just starting this, I was feeling a need to jump-start my creative life. Because of other priorities — my marriage, family life, friendships, the work I do for money — my creative energy tends to be invested here and there, in a scattershot way that can lead to some satisfying projects and experiences, but doesn’t really build. 

I decided it would be good to have a place to write out my thoughts in a way that is a little more sustained than a social media post. I thought it would be good to make some art and use this blog to talk some about whatever art I made. 

And thus it has gone! Now I have a YouTube channel with short videos of songs and poems I’ve written, and I’ve once in a great while managed to land a poem, story, or essay in some cool online journals, wrote a published an ebook novella, and I’ve upped the ante as a storyteller/performer. 

 Still not famous, and don’t expect to ever be famous in the worlds of literature, music, or performance. I can say, though, that my creative world is alive, humming with energy, and that I have a small but interested readership, listenership, etc.

For those of you who come here to read my writing, and who follow my creative work, thank you! 

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