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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My first Ebook is now available through Amazon, and I've cracked the top 500 in the Short Reads/Romance categories, which is awesome! 

Also, I am really grateful for this blurb from best-selling author Ernest Cline:

"Jeff Knight is one of my favorite writers. Like its author, Lunchbox Love Letters is ridiculously romantic and funny as hell. This book perfectly captures the life of a long relationship, telling a story that will ring true to anyone who's ever traveled down that road."

Ernest Cline, best-selling author of Ready Player One and Armada

Lunchbox Love Letters

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Three Lessons from my Mother the Teacher

Remember the stories-about-mothers show I did this past May? It's called Listen to your Mother, and it's a very cool organization that does these shows in cities around the country each year. This year, the show also donated to SafePlace, which does fantastic work for survivors of domestic abuse.

Stories from the 2016 show are now available on the LTYM YouTube channel. The Austin cast was so freaking good, and I encourage you to check out the whole bunch of us.

For starters, here's my piece, titled "Three Lessons from my Mother the Teacher."