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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My first Ebook is now available through Amazon, and I've cracked the top 500 in the Short Reads/Romance categories, which is awesome! 

Also, I am really grateful for this blurb from best-selling author Ernest Cline:

"Jeff Knight is one of my favorite writers. Like its author, Lunchbox Love Letters is ridiculously romantic and funny as hell. This book perfectly captures the life of a long relationship, telling a story that will ring true to anyone who's ever traveled down that road."

Ernest Cline, best-selling author of Ready Player One and Armada

Lunchbox Love Letters


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  2. Well written and heartfelt. It made me think back to when my husband and I were dating. Jeff really captured the ups and downs ... and ultimate triumph (this is a romance after all) ... of turning two independent human beings into one cohesive unit.

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